Libraries - Promotion

Frequently asked questions by libraries on promoting the library telescope program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Promotion to library patrons should be through normal procedures for the library including scheduled patron training and other events (like star parties) mentioned in the library’s calendar of events, newsletters and Facebook page.

Many libraries have had success promoting the Library Telescope events in local newspapers and local Facebook community pages.

Placing the Library Telescope in a position where it can be seen (but not touched) can generate interest in the Program. Some libraries have placed the Telescope on a shelf behind the check-out counter when not out with patrons. Other libraries have created a poster of the Telescope that is placed in a highly visible area of the library.

Having well publicized initial events can make the Library Telescope Program extremely popular among library patrons.

Some libraries have named their Library Telescope in honor of prominent local citizens or for those who donate towards the LTP. This helps by making the telescope “special and personal” which encourages people to respect it, seeing it as a community resource.

Many astronomical clubs delight in holding public sky watches. Contact your local club and see if you can set up a date. Scouts, home schoolers and local schools will often be enthusiastic participants in sky watches and can help spread the word about the library’s activities.

Our Goal

To foster scientific literacy, stimulate an interest in astronomy, and provide people who have never looked through a telescope the chance to experience the excitement that comes from discovery