Our team includes a number of experienced program managers who have agreed to share their thoughts about the Library Telescope Program including the history of the program, issues related to launch and operating the program, and thoughts for the program's future. 

We welcome your ideas and suggestions.  Feel to contact us by using the Contact Us form located on this website.

Marc Stowbridge is a member of the New Hampshire Astronomical Society and is the founder of the Library Telescope Program.  He lives in central New Hampshire and is a retired family therapist. He has always enjoyed science and teaching, having started college as science education major before changing to psychology. Astronomy has been an interest ever since childhood, when he watched the first satellites crossing the sky.

Tom Lynch is an amateur astronomer who lives in Lynbrook on Long Island under the light polluted skies of the New York City suburbs. He is a 20+ year member of the Amateur Observers' Society of New York and a sidewalk astronomer. He also works with libraries on Long Island in developing their Library Telescope programs.

Don is an amateur astronomer who lives is St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  He belongs to two astronomy clubs, the St. Louis Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri, and manages the St. Louis area library telescope program that has grown to over 160 telescopes.   

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